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Photo Courtesy Boone & Crocket, narrative adapted courtesy Trophy Proportions, (c)1995 and Safari Press Inc.

1993, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian Milo Hanson harvested the largest Typical buck ever recorded in 1993, scored by Boone & Crocket judges at an astounding 213 5/8 net points.

Milo's neighbors had seen the huge buck on the Hanson farm in the summer of 1993. Milo, a busy farmer, had never seen it. When rifle season opened November 15, he and his hunting team began pushing bush to try and get the deer moving while covering a lot of ground.

After a week using this tactic, the huge buck and two does jumped from the brush directly in front of Milo. Milo raised his .308 Win. Model 88 and dropped him on the spot. Amazingly, the bullet passed through the buck and struck the right antler. Had the bullet broken the antler, rather than just chipping it, the Milo Hanson buck would have fallen into the ranks of could-have-beens.


Hole-in-the-Horn perhaps the greatest buck ever...

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