NAO Pro Staff

Here's the kind of people North American Outfitters, Inc. is all about! Hard-core hunting fanatics! These guys are out in the woods enough to make any of us jealous! And they know what works and what doesn't!

I'm real proud to be able to say that I know all of these people personally. A better group of guys to share a campfire you won't find.

The NAO Pro Staff isn't there just to be showy. They're there to help field test and develop the innovative products you find in the 1997 NAO catalog and in NAO catalogs for years to come. They don't pull any punches. If they see something they like, they use it. If it doesn't work as promoted, they find something that does! That's the reason why you see these photos below. Attention to detail! That's why they're on the NAO Pro Staff! Thanks guys!


 Glenn Berry, owner of Big Bull Productions with a monster bull elk he took in Montana. Glenn produces action packed hunting videos plus some of the best elk calls available! Glenn's a big believer in taking your kids hunting as you can see in the Big Bull Web Site. He sets an example we shoud all follow and will all benefit from!




David Westmoreland, Area Sales Manager for Hudalla and Associates, with a super nice Colorado P&Y velvet mulie! David consistantly takes trophy quality animals due to his attention to detail and his hard hunting attitude. These qualities make him an integral part of the NAO team. 


Terry Verble, of New Archery Products, with one of the many critters he took in a recent trip to Africa. Terry was field testing the companies new Spitfire Mechanical broadhead on this trip. How do we get jobs like that Terry? Terry is one of the great promoters of archery and is in the field applying what he reaches. Nice HOG!


Bruce Hudalla, owner of Hudalla and Associates, with a great 150 P&Y class 10 pointer. Bruce took the buck on his farm in Minnesota in the early part of bow season. Bruce's great attitude towards the world of archery and life in general and a lifetime of practical experience in the archery industry, makes him a great asset to the NAO team.




Jeff Aulik, owner of J's Archery, took this wide whitetail in northern Wisconsin on a late season hunt. Jeff's one of the very best archery technicians I know of. His attention to detail and perfection places him in the upper ranks of national and regional target archers. This as you can see also carries into figuring out big bucks! Jeff doesn't pull any punches when it comes to commenting on quality and features of archery equipment making him a perfect sounding board for NAO new products.





Larry Lathen, owner of Rocky Mountain Pack Systems, harvested this nice black bear in Idaho. Being a manufacturer of fine quality packs and accessories, Larry knows what it takes to put together a product that will stand up to the rigors of hard hunting.  This knowledge, along with his lovefor the sport of hunting in general, makes him a welcome addition to the NAO team!

Jim Pakula, a member of the Big Bull Production team and a professional taxidermist by trade, with a bull elk to make all of us start dreamin' and droolin'! Jim being a taxidermist gives him a special insight into what it takes to make everything "right".  If it's not right you've got unhappy customers. If it is right, you have customers for life! Jim's attention to detail and his passion for hunting, makes him an essential ingredient to the NAO team!



Ray Bunney, with a trophy Washington whitetail. Ray's a member of the Big Bull Production Team and has hunted around the world. His dedication to the sport of archery and knowledge of what works and what doesn't, will mean better products that will last a lifetime for NAO customers!


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